Framing The World Through My Photographs

Fmp – Reflective report

Jessica Oakes – Reflective report After symposium I had planned to base my FMP on family genetics after coming across a quote in Julia Hirschs, family photographs: content meaning and … Continue reading

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fmp Final images & Presentation & title

I feel that during this module I had difficulty creating the amount of images that i had wanted two however i have 3 final images that i am happy with. … Continue reading

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Fmp research – news article – dyslexia being to widly labeled

Too many students are being diagnosed as dyslexic, with the overall number registered as having the condition rising 40 per cent in just five years, an educational psychologist has argued. According … Continue reading

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fmp image development – books

For these next shoots I based around the use of books and pages from the books. The first idea I had was to create and image describing how small struggling … Continue reading

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fmp Revised proposal

­­Coventry University BA (Hons) Photography Working with Photography Practice in Context: 352MC                                                  PROJECT PROPOSAL Student:   Jessica oakes – revised proposal for topic shift.                                                                              Date: 29/04/15     1.TOPIC … Continue reading

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fmp – image development

Whilst doing my research on some forums sites for dyslexia, I came across countless comments saying “how do I cure my dyslexia?” Dyslexia is not something which can be cured … Continue reading

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fmp – image devepment

Each image I have been creating has been going off the buzz words discussed prievously. For this image I looked at the idea of the pressure I put onto myself. … Continue reading

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