Framing The World Through My Photographs

Greater Than The Whole

‘Produce a cumulative port rail of a structure that can not readily be portrayed in its entirety in one frame’.

At first I was thinking to literal with the word ‘structure’, for example:

  • Bridge
  • Statue
  • City

But then I started to think of different types of structures,such as :

  • Family
  • Songs
  • Music

I decided to look at the family structure, as I was going to my Nanas and Grandads for the weekend as it was my Grandads 90th birthday. All my family was going to be together for a party so it was a good time to observe and photograph the family structure.

Originally I thought of just photographing my family through out the night but I didn’t think it would be very interesting. So I then thought of photographing how family communicate. I focused on the eyes,mouth and the hands.

This photograph is a crop of my cousins Ellen and Molly. Molly was Ellen’s shadow throughout the night, she couldn’t go anywhere without Molly following her. I captured a moment where they we playing and hugging.

Communication plays a key role in family. Without communication a family would break down. I captured my Aunt and Uncle during conversion. There are part of this image I like and parts I don’t like, I like how engaged my aunt and uncle are in conversion with each other but I don’t like the tones and colours in the image.

Physical connection. Although I like what the image shows I don’t that it is portrait and the rest of my images are landscape. I find the purple from the t-shirt slightly distracting.

Like the first image, this shows Ellen and Molly, I personally prefer this image to the first as I find it more pleasing to my eye, as I usually like to use negative space.

Although this image is not particularly showing communication or eye contact, I feel this shows how family should be.


After feeling a little confused by the title of the task, I feel I have chosen a good approach to it. I feel I have got a few good images,I would like to revisit it with my dads side of the family to see the difference in the family structure.


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This entry was posted on October 11, 2012 by in Developing and Understanding Photographic Practice.
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