Framing The World Through My Photographs

Homage To A Precious Object.

For this task I was asked to photograph something that was precious to me.

The first thing that came into my head was my mum, however she isn’t in Coventry, so I had to think a bit harder. when thinking a little harder I realised that I wear a necklace everyday which has meaning to me.

My angel wing necklace symbolises my friendship with my best friend Rachel, we both have the same necklaces. The necklace also symbolise that our friendship won’t end. Below are my images.

Feedback After Peer Critique 

Today in small groups of nine in class I showed my images to the rest of my group for some feedback and suggestions.

Everyone liked the top images and said it was technically good, but was maybe to fashion looking and could see why it was precious to me. I agree with everyone but as and image I am really pleased with it.

The second image : – I am not very happy with this image, as the necklace didn’t stand out. General comments were that I should try the image again, but try using extra lighting and depth of field. And that I should try placing the photographs in the background and the necklace in the foreground.

The third image :- not a lot was said about this image however i think I could have done it better.


If I had had more time on this project I would have arranged to meet up with Rach to photographer her as well, so that the whole connection would be present in my photos.


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