Framing The World Through My Photographs

A Brief History Of Photography.

c.300 B.C. – First Camera Obscura is made.

c.1500 A.D. – Lens introduced to Camera Obscura.

1656 -Camera Obscura in frequent use by artists.

1727- Prof.J. Schulz invents the first photo-reactive material objects on paper treated with silver nitrate.

1800- Thomas Wedgewood creates ‘sun pictures’ by placing objects on paper treated with silver nitrate.

1816 – Nicephore Niepce combines Camera Obscura with photographic paper.

1826- Niepce creates first permanent image

1834- Henry Fox Talbot creates first ‘negative’ image.

1837 – Louis Daguerre invents the silver – plate copper method

1851 – Frederick Scott Archer improved Talbot’s method, making it cheaper and more effective than Daguerre’s.

1853 – First commercial photo studio opened in Paris.

1861-65 Over 7000 images of the American Civil War are produced

1888- First Kodak camera produced

1902- Alfred Stieglitz organises Photo-Secessionist show.

1907 – First colour film commercially produced

1914- Photography and film used to document the First World War.

1915 – British Spy planes fitted with cameras in N.Africa

1917 – Nikon established in Tokyo

1921 – Man Ray produces his ‘RAYOGRAMS’

1922 – Photography plays key role in European art

1925  – Photography key part of documentary journalism.

1936 – Colour Film widely used across the U.S.A

1939-45 – Second World War

1947 – Magnum picture agency established.

1963 – First ‘ Polaroid’ camera produced

1976 – First exhibition dedicated solely to colour photography at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

1977 – Cindy herman begins work on ‘Untitled Film Stills’

1990 – Adobe Photoshop created.

1991 – Nikon market the first DSLR camera

1994 – First Digital cameras widely commercially available.

2000 – First camera phone is sold

2001 – Polaroid go bankrupt

2004 – Kodak cease production of film cameras.

2006 – Tate Modern calla photography an ‘ art form as great as all others’

2008 – Magnum catalogue published.

Present Day


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