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Introduction To A Light Metre

I have used light metres before, but I have never had them explained in a way that I understood, therefore in college I became  a bit lazy  and never used them, I always used to guess, which probably took me longer to get the right lighting than if I had used the light metre.

Features on a light metre

Power button – Speaks for itself, used to turn the device on.

Infera Cone – this is the white dome at the top of the light metre, underneath there is a sensor which records the light. The dome can slide across so that the light can directly hit the sensor, but generally you would have the dome over the sensor.

Mode – used to select which mode will be most suitable for the lighting conditions.

  • Ambient – (sun symbol) – for shooting with natural lighting,without a flash.
  • Flash -(lighting bolt)- for shooting with a flash.
  • Flash connected- (lighting bolt +C) – used when using a flash connected to another device.

Other features shown on the screen

  • T – indicates shutter speed.
  • F- indicates the aperture or the F.stop
  • ISO – it shows what the iso is set back, ISO determines how sensitive the camera or film is to the light.

Whilst doing some research on light metres, I came across a video on youtube, which I found useful because there wasn’t too many technical words used so it was simple to follow.


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