Framing The World Through My Photographs

A Day With Mark Power

After an early start of 8 :30 feeling like a zombie from Shaun of the dead, I arrived at Hinckley College, where I and my peers were taken in to the lecture hall and shown some of Mark powers work, I was not previously aware of. After being shown Powers style of images, we were split into groups and asked to walk round Hinckley town center and take photographs in the style of Power. I had never been Hinckley before so finding my way around could have been tricky luckily I was grouped with people from the college, so we would be with someone who knew the town.

After lunch we meet with the Magnum photographer Mark Power.
When arriving in the lecture hall after lunch, we had to wait long time for the talk to begin due to technical issues with the projector and microphone, which I found a bit frustrating.
When the talk started I was prepared to take notes, but not thinking that the lights would be turned off making it tricky to write in the dark, with just the light on my phone as a source of light, I gave up it the end and just listened and try to take in as much as I could.

Above are the images I took in response to Mark Powers images, I didn’t feel like I had got many good images , these are some of the few I liked.


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This entry was posted on October 30, 2012 by in Personal Professional Development.
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