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Letter to self


Your first year has passed at uni and hopefully all your initial worries have gone , those being, would you get on with your flatmates and would you still get on with Kerrie after knowing her for 9 years through high school and college and now at uni, after not always getting along with each other.

I am hoping that living without mam and dad, has enabled you to grow up and be able to sort to sort out your own finances instead of having to get dad to to sort it. And I know what you are like with clothes shopping, you find it hard to resist and not to mention are shops you shouldn’t have been spending £35 on a few bottles of ink when your weekly budget is only £40.

In the first you didn’t get involved with any societies which is something I would hope that you would get more involved in in your second year , maybe the snow sports society would be good to join, to learn how to ski properly and not be stuck in snow plough.

Things to remember for next year!

  • Get better at tidying up after your self
  • Be more organised – you shouldn’t leave things to the night before hand in.
  • Make the most of your time at uni
  • Enjoy yourself.

Remember to ring mum every week she will only worry.



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This entry was posted on November 14, 2012 by in Personal Professional Development.
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