Framing The World Through My Photographs

Fine Art – Is It Photography?

At the start of the lecture, we were asked to write on a post it note what we thought fine art was, admittedly  I didn’t know what to put so I wrote ‘paintings and sculptures’, I knew this wasn’t particularly right.

What Is Fine Art?

Fine art isn’t something that can be described easily, as fine art is a cycle which starts off as one ting then when a new group of artists come along it changes. ‘The use of skill and imagination in the creation of aesthetic objects environments or experiences that can be shared with others.”


Cave paintings were some of the earliest paintings. Are they really art? I think cave painting are art as they tell a story, they express the aborigines feelings. When a tribe carves into a wall they are marking their territory so that other tribes know what land is theirs. At first glances cave paintings don’t look that interesting but when reading into the carving it tells a lot more of a story.

Jimmy Pike-  Pike is the most famous contemporary aboriginal artist around.He mixes the old way of aboriginal art alongside with more modern ways of art.

Chris Ofili – Ofili uses mixed media, paint, canvas and also animal dung.

The painting ‘There Virgin Mother of Mary was banned in America as it was seen to be offensive to Christians.

Controversy – Plays a big part in fine art.

Yinka Shonibare

Fake death picture (the death of chatterton-henry wallis ), using cultural language in a different way,changing things which makes the viewer question it.

John Everett Millais – Pre Rafalight

Ophelia – 1851

Ophelia is based on Shakespeare, Artists in this time were inspired by things in the culture, author, music.

Pre- Rafalight – looks at the beauty, the clothes

commissioned portraits for the king/queens.

Tom Hunter- THE WAY HOME – 2000

Tom Hunter was the first photographer to be shown in the national gallery – because he re created paintings, which made it in a way more acceptable for people in the art world to accept.

George Shaw – Shut Up – 2001

The Influence Of Photography


Marcel Duchamp – Submitted a urinal to an exhibition, which was refused , then after taking a photogrpaph of it and submitting it it was more acceptable.

Tracy Emin – My bed 1998 -changing the context turned it into art.

Damien Hurst – ‘FOR THE LOVE OF GOD’- one of the most expensive pieces of work ever to be made (skulls covered in diamonds ) never sold.

Gilbert and George – ‘Bend It’



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