Framing The World Through My Photographs

Reflection Of My Summer Project

Before I started the course in September I received a letter asking me to complete a summer task. The task was to be hand in during the first week of the course.

The direction I was given was :

‘Imagine the person closest to you.Imagine that this morning the woke up. Got out of bed, without making it. Then walked out of the room and your life, never to come back.Now go into that room in your mind and see the evidence of their presence. Don’t photograph the head but look for the marks that it made on the pillow. Search out the traces that detail the person’s effect on their immediate environment and record them.’

I found this hard as I am not really that close to my family, so then made lists of all the things around the house that reminded me of them.


  • Mug left on the side
  • Tea bag tower (instead of binning the teabags he just piles them up on the side)
  • Keys on the side.
  • Phone by the window
  • A mug left by the side of the sofa


  • Candle burning on the kitchen work top
  • Work bag by the back door
  • pile of mail near the TV
  • Shelves of cook books


  • Car Magazines
  • Oil on clothes
  • tubes of super glue
  • Car parts
  • school blazer at the end of the stairs
  • School bag at the bottom of the stairs.

I choose to look at my little brother as I felt there was slightly more around the house of Josh’s. I didn’t really do a visual diary as such, I just decided to record all of the things that make my brother who he is. I didn’t tell my brother that I was going to be using him to bases this project on as the awkward bugger would only try to make it as difficult as he could for me to photograph.

As Josh spent a lot of his time down the garage fixing his car that he had just brought, it was easy for me to go into his room and photograph it without him knowing. Josh being a fairly messy 14 year old there is always evidence of him being around. I started in his room as thats where  most of his mess is in his room.

Before i started photographing, i did some research into how I could approach this topic. I researched Nan Goldin and I also looked at a film called ‘The Dreams Of Life’.


This film was suggested to me by my  friend who is also a photographer because I had asked her if she knew of anyone who looked at intimate life.

I found the film online, and watched it, I found it fairly chilling to watch and to think about. The film is about a women (Joyce Vincent) who was found dead in her flat after three years, the flat exactly how it was before she died, TV still on and everything. This film shows pictures/videos from the house when it was discovered, and also they also  showed parts of Joyces’ life from when she was alive with and actress, based on the memories her friends had of her.


The film helped me to get and idea of how to approach photographing josh’s room, although the situations are different the way the film had been film gave me a few ideas.

Above are five of my images from this task, although I am fairly happy with my images I do feel that I could have done this project a lot better, I feel like I rushed it as i was away on holiday for most of the summer so my time on the project was limited.

I would like to go back over this project when I am home for Christmas.


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