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An artifact informed by and extra curicular activity – Work Shadowing Day At My Boudoir

On the 9th november I did a work shadowing day at My Boudoir in Ramsbottom in Lancashire. I have admired Nicola’s work for years now, so I wanted to see how she works to achieve the photos. I often feel sitting back and observing another photographer work is better the assisting them.

Two different types of shoots were happening that day both with the same girl, which means the way of working will vary slightly.

The first shoot was a “Fash-The-Dress” shoot. Fash the dress, is based on the American trend ‘Trash The Dress’ but instead of trashing the wedding dress, you glam it up even more, bigger hair, stronger make-up, and even more sparkles, even MORE than the wedding day.

During the shoot Nicola would explain the lighting and why she is using the lighting in a certain way to myself and Fiona (the women who’s shoot it was ). I found watching how she would set up the lighting to flatter the face and body interesting as I love portrait photography, and I can apply these techniques to my photography.

Here is the link to My Boudoir’s blog post for Fiona’s fash the dress shoot :

These are a few images from the shoot which I took screen shots of the blog (link above)

The result from the shoot are stunning. All of the poses are chosen to flatter the body the best way they can, as most women have hang ups about there body. The top image show of the dress wonderfully, I was in love with the dress, as it fairly unusual to have a mid length wedding dress, let alone with a splash of colour, the purple in the dress was gorgeous. If I could have taken the dress home with me I would have.

Fiona also had a boudoir shoot done. I stayed for most of the shoot, but left when it came to the nude photographs as it awkward enough for someone to be photographed naked in front of one person they don’t know let alone two people.

Before this shoot Nicola puts together a contact sheet of the most popular poses, which she then goes through with the client to discuss what they like and don’t like.. I could see that by doing this it saves a lot of time which is something that I want to try and use when I do shoots as I usually start shoots with out knowing what i’m going to do.

Here is the link to My Boudoir’s blog post of Fiona’s boudoir shoot :

I don’t think I need to say it but looking at the before and after picture above (taken from the blog link also above) the results are amazing.The results will certainly give any girl a confidence boost.

Links – My Boudoir’s facebook page – My Boudoir’s blog – My Boudoir’s website


One comment on “An artifact informed by and extra curicular activity – Work Shadowing Day At My Boudoir

  1. Nicola Grimshaw-Mitchell
    November 27, 2012

    It was great to have you for our shoot Jess! You were polite yet attentive and very respectful of my client Fiona. I hope you learnt something with us and please do come back anytime!

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