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How To Present A Presentation

Part of the course is to be able to confidently give a presentation in front of a group of people. Presentation skills can be used for many other situations such as job interviews, etc.

In class we were given two examples of a presentation, one was deliberately set up to be bad, with interruptions such as mobile phone calls, distracting backgrounds, and spelling mistakes, and the other presentation was to show how one should be presented.

What I Took From The Lecture

Introduce the subject – Explain what it is that you are going to be presenting about.

Powerpoint – Power Point is a good presenting tool as it is simple to use. But some things to think about when using powerpoint : Use a plain background as not to distract from the text or images, a black background is better to use when showing images as it looks neater when there are gaps between images.

Pauses – Pausing can be helpful if you are nervous as it gives you time to catch your breath as well as letting the audience take in the information you were previously discussing.

Back up plan- It is alway useful to have a back up plan as things can always go wrong. If you are planning to use any sort of technology it would be a good idea to bring a paper copy of something you can hold up and talk about.

During the lecture we got shown a clip from ‘The Kings Speech’, where he was about to deliver the last speech, the clip show his speech coach giving him tip whilst he was delivering the speech. I found this clip very useful as i get terribly nervous when having to speak in from of people.


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