Framing The World Through My Photographs

What Is a Photograph?

“What is a photograph”

A photograph is a two dimensional object, which leaves a trace of the world. They are fixed in time.

Their are three people in a photograph, the photographer, the subject and the viewer. The photographer has the most power in the photograph,as they can choose how they frame the image, what they choose to crop out or keep in the image or even the lighting that is used can change the mood of the photograph, which effects the way the viewer reads the image.

A photograph is bound to their own frame.The context of a photograph can change dramatically due to who is viewing the image and their background knowledge of the image.

Word Definitions

Denote : the literal or primary meaning of a word suggests, the action or process of indicating or referring to something by means of a word, symbol, etc

Connotation : An idea that a word invokes for a person in addition to it’s literal or primary meaning, the implication of such ideas.

Sally Mann – Jessie’s Cut

This image is by Sally Mann. On first looks the image is shocking. My first impressions of this image was that it was of a dead child, which i found shocking as I don’t know why anyone would want to photograph that situation.All of the image is fairly bleached out apart from the trickle of blood down the face and on the cloth, which really drew my eye into the image. That was my connotation of this image, but the image actually denotes one of Sally Mann’s children who had just cut themselves, with a cloth over the face so that the cut could be stitched.


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