Framing The World Through My Photographs

Assignment one – Encountering Culture

Assignment 1
A portfolio of photographic work supported by individual workbook. (75% of the final grade.)

Major Project:

Encountering Culture

One of the objectives of this module is for you to begin to locate your own work within the various and far flung fields of photographic practice. This in itself is not a new idea; when the philosopher Plato (c.428-347 BC.) said “know thyself” he was in effect saying much the same; that we must locate ourselves within the world in order to validate our viewpoint of it.

To put that another way; we all see the world from an entirely socio/sexual/culturally-unique perspective which will in turn dictate what and how we communicate as photographic artists. This assignment addresses the notion directly by asking;

“ Are you in harmony or in conflict within the social structure that you are a part of?”

Through a set of 10 photographic pieces1 you should examine the sources of pressures within society to conform or adjust our behavior and appearance. You may examine stereotypes, racial, gender, religious, class or age etc. You may use others to portray your views or you may explore the notion of the self- portrait. Your images can depict both the mundane nature and the theatricality of the everyday life.

You are expected to experiment with different approaches and challenge the boundaries of your previous modes of working.

Useful reference material might come in the form of images from newspaper cuttings, magazines, news footage, films, books, music,advertising in all it’s forms, the family photo album and/or other practitioners.

Your research (included within your workbook/sketchbook/blog) should detail the development of your ideas, and your practice as well as any shifts in direction of the project.

1 A “photographic piece” refers to either a single photographic image or collection thereof (in the form of a montage or dyptich, tryptich etc ). Final pieces must be analogue in nature, ie. printed in the darkroom from negatives.

Work should be handed in to reception with a complete digital version on disk (including blogbooker and any sketchbooks plus digital versions of any final “originals” submitted) on Friday 30th November 2012.

Defining the words I don’t fully understand in he brief:

Culture : Culture consists of beliefs,behaviours,object and other characteristics common to the members.

Notion : A conception of or belief about something.

Mundane: Boring, non interesting.



  • hoodies- bad reputation in the media
  • geeks
  • Chavs
  • ‘freaks’
  • emo
  • goth


  • Clothing
  • Media
  • Miss conceptions – how other generations pass on their beliefs, to their children


  • Language used
  • Media – newspapers/magazines
  • social networks

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