Framing The World Through My Photographs

Darkroom – Revisited

I have used the darkroom previously in college and I am the first to admit that i’m not a big fan of the darkroom, as I am far to impatient. I found it useful to have a recap in the darkroom, as I was a bit rusty.

Recap On How To Use The Darkroom


Chemical Trays

Developer 1st – 2 mins, agitating the tray to get an even development.

Stop Bath – Around 3o seconds should be enough.

Fix – 2 mins, agitating the tray, make sure the print has been in the tray for the full to minutes as an under fixed print can start to fade and go slightly pink.

Holding Bath – Doesn’t matter just as long as all the chemicals have been washed off.


This was the first print I created in Coventry … I didn’t realise when I was printing I hadn’t placed the negatives in correctly so I had to images on one print. I didn’t realise until I had developed the print through the chemicals.

The negative I used for this print was done by Becky Woodall who kindly let me use it as I had forgotten my negatives.I am happy with how the print turned out especially with high contrast as it adds more interest to the image.

This is one of my images from the first week where we were sent out to get used to using film cameras, I am happy with the exposure of the print but I would perhaps crop the left side of the image slightly so that the image is more central.


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