Framing The World Through My Photographs

Assignment 1 – Research Of London

As I am not from London, I don’t know it that well therefore I asked some of the people that I knew from in and around that area, if they knew where in London I could go to to see different examples of food from different cultures.

I was told to go, China town, Edgeware road (near the marble arch), brick lane and Covent Garden.

Before going to these places I thought it a good idea to research into where I would be going, so I knew a little more about them.

China Town

‘The first area in London to be called china town was located in the Limehouse  area of the east end of London.’ At the beginning of the 20th century this is where the Chinese population in London would be. ‘ The Chinese  started setting up businesses which catered tot he Chinese sailors, who frequently docked in London. During the second world war most of this area was destroyed by an aerial bomb during the blitz .After the second world war, the growing popularity of Chinese cuisine and an influx of immigrants from Hong Kong led to increasing numbers of Chinese restaurants opening elsewhere’ (source wikipedia)

China town is now based in Soho on Gerrard Street.

Brick Lane

Brick lane is more commonly being known as ‘Banglatown’. It’s famous for its curry houses, vintage and designer clothes shops.

Covent Garden

It is associated with the former fruit and veg market in the central square. Covent garden is now a popular tourist site, with over 60 pubs and bars.

Edgeware Road

i couldn’t really find much about it apart from there is a lot of middle eastern resturants.


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