Framing The World Through My Photographs

Assignment 1 – Shoot 2 Edgeware road

I went to edge ware road with out knowing what to fully expect.

Whilst walking done the road  I didn’t really see a lot of evidence of food culture, I saw restaurants but it wasn’t evident that they were middle eastern. There were bars with shishas outside with guys smoking them, but i felt quite intimidated walking down there so I didn’t feel confident to get closer to them to take a picture, so most of the images are from a distance .

Although I didn’t see a lot of food culture, I saw part of the culture recurring throughout the street. Lots of rich red tones and golds. All the fabrics used are very decorative. But I could get any of this across as I was shooting in black and white.

I am sure that if I had spent more time in the areas i would have found more places to look around however, I only had a day to go around different places in London.


I am not quite sure what has happened to this image, whether its is something that has happened when taking the image or during processing. However take away the error the image would have been to set the scene of this particular culture.

This image would have worked a lot better if I had just been brave enough to go in closer, but this is something I can work on as my confidence grows through out the project and the year.

Over all I am not particularly  happy with this shoot as there aren’t enough outcomes. and not really any out comes that show food culture.


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This entry was posted on November 30, 2012 by in Developing and Understanding Photographic Practice.
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