Framing The World Through My Photographs

Assignment 1 – Shoot 4

Shoot three took place in Covent Garden, possibly one of my favourite places to be as it is always busy and always something exciting going, from magicians, singers and even the odd rude statue. I love everything about Covent garden, then energy feels right, not a grumpy person in sight unless you include my dad and  little brother when they don’t get there way s to which shops we go.

Contact Sheet 


I found that In Covent Garden there were a few examples of food from different cultures from Spanish with paella, traditional British with sweets and fudge, etc.



This image stood out to me as i noticed it was similar to one that I had taken in the first shoot. As much as I like the contrast in tones, the image is no where nears effective as it would have been in colour, as the colour of the cakes were fabulous.


I think that this image shows Britain off as in most food market there is likely to be somebody selling homemade fudge. I am happy with the composition of this image as you can see the amount of yummy fudge is on display as well al all of the different tones made from the different types of chocolate.


This image is of a chocolate shop window, which my eye was drawn to, but looking at the enlargement the image isn’t very effective as you don’t get to see the wonderful colours. The digital copy is below.


My digital contact sheet




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