Framing The World Through My Photographs

Assignment 1 – shoot 5

For shoot five I needed to start developing my ideas further. As really focusing on food doesn’t particularly work in black and white, it suits colour. so when talking to Jonathan he suggested treating it like the beginning a western film, where they have an over view of the town, then they move in a bit closer (mid range) showing the cart, then they move into a close up of the face.

I plan to take three pictures for each part of Coventry I go, one from far away and the others a bit closer then the last one a portrait of someone who works there. This means facing a small fear of mine and going up to people and asking them if I can take there picture. I started off in Hillfields around Londis area, which makes me feel uncomfortable as everyone just stares at you, so I moved on to the centre of town.

Contact sheets



After walking around for about an hour I finally plucked up the courage to ask some of the market traders if i could take there portrait, most were fine with it as they said they were used to it by now, but some were a bit funny about therefore resulting me to have a few odd series out. I will be taking my final images from this shoot.


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