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Starry Starry Night – Film Review

Starry Starry Night is based on the Taiwanese graphic novel by the Taiwanese author Jimmy Liao, the film was directed by director Tom Lin.

 The film focus’ on the character Mei a teenage girl (13). Mei used to live with her grandparents in a shack in the mountains,she particularly hd a good relationship with her grandad , but has now moved to live with her parents in the city, as results she feels fairly lonely as her parents are always at work. The introduction of a new character comes in the form of Jay a 13 year old boy, the pair first meet at school where they are put in the same class however they are aware they have seen each other before from across the street whilst watching some carol singers.

Jay is a miss understood boy who likes art, and always carries his sketch book with him which become the source of him being bullied at school by the other boys. Mei becomes fascinated with Jay and follows him at the end of school to an art shop where she sees him shop lifting, and attempts to copy him. When Mei sees Jay involved in a physical fight with the boys at school she decides to step in, we see her shadow as monster fighting demons. At the end of the fight when Jays mother picks him up from school, we get a insight into Jays troubled life, it is revealed that Jay and his mother moved because they were running from his violent father.

As Mei and Jay become closer due to them being paired up to compete in the inter classroom display competition it becomes apparent that Mei’s parents are growing apart, this brings Mei and Jay even closer together. They both visit a jigsaw puzzle shop, where she explains to Jay her love for puzzles. Mei explains that every year her parents and herself would complete a jigsaw puzzle of a famous painting, and that the latest one was Starry Starry Night by Van Gough, but her parents had stopped helping. She reveals that one of the pieces that makes up the brightest star is missing.

When her grandad dies the mood of the film starts to change even more, then it is revealed that Mei’s parents have decided to get a divorce. Mei doesn’t take the news well and decides to run away, picking Jay up on the way.They go traveling through the woods, where they get lost, this brings the couple so much closer together, they eventually find and old shack in the mountains which turns out to be her grandparents, the shack is full of clay animals which her grandad had made for her. Mei gets very ill in which Jay makes the decision to take her to the hospital where he tells her that his dad has found him and that he has to move away. Mei and Jay never saw each other again.

In the last ten minutes or so of the film it shows Mei’s life when she is an adult, her mother has moved to paris and remarried also having a child. It shows Mei and her step sister walking throughParis when she spots an art gallery, where every painting as a part of it where it looks like a missing jigsaw piece, this leads the viewer to think that it is the work of Jay, unfortunately we never find out.

I have to admit I wasn’t looking forward to going to this film viewing as I didn’t think I would be able to keep up with the subtitles, but I was pleasantly surprised. Along with a good story line the imagery in this film was beautiful.

Below is the trailer to the film :


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