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The Woodsman And The Rain – Film Review

The woodsman and the rain is a Japanese film directed by Shûichi Okita,due to be released today, which Coventry East Asian Film Society managed to get a copy of it.

I personally found this film to be a bit of a slow mover, I don’t think there was one single point in the film which made me sit up and give it my full attention. However, the overall storyline had some endearing parts to it. What I really enjoyed was that as the film progressed it is apparent that a father and son relationship is being formed between Katsu and the young lad Koichi Tanube. I Imagine Katsu would have liked the relationship he had with Koichi Tanube to parallel his relationship with his own son, which after the death of his wife is strained through their grieving. Although, I think this could have been portrayed a lot better.

Katsu at first see’s Koichi as nothing more than a slacker, which he has no problem in telling him. Throughout the film it didn’t occur to me that Koichi was the director of the film. This is because how insecure Koichi is about his ability to direct. When the crew and actors are asking him questions he doesn’t know how to answer, he retreats away from the crew and confides in Katsu, and needs Katsu to make the decision on whether the take needs re shooting.

When all becomes too much for Koichi he decides to leave and go back to Tokyo. Koichi never did leave for Tokyo as some of the crew members from the film turned up and stopped him from leaving. The bond between Koichi and Katsu becomes more apparent when Koichi turns up on Katsu’s doorstep.

I found ‘The Woodsman and the Rain’ to be an overly long film with no excitement, the growing relationship between the two characters being the only redeeming quality, however, this was still no more than nice. The story could have been portrayed a lot better.
In all honesty I found myself leaving the lecture theatre thinking nothing more than how much I appreciated the free popcorn that was provided. The choice I had to make on whether I wanted sweet or salty popcorn was harder than deciding whether the two plus hours was worth it. It’s not.

I give it one and a half stars.


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