Framing The World Through My Photographs

Assignment 1 – Ideas + Mini Proposal


Out of all the themes one sticks out more than the rest which is ‘The Freedom Off The Press’.

Mini Proposal

I have chosen to look at freedom of the press, in the way media would edit a models body to become ‘PERFECT’ and whether it is right or not.

I want to find out what sort of messages such edit’s send out to the public. I am particularly looking at females, and what are the effects on their body confidence.

I will look more into Fred Ritchin’s, The Pixelated Press. I already know of a few tv programmes that have touched on the subject, such ‘Gok Wan’s Teen’s – The Naked Truth’. Dove have also ran a campaign showing how easily images can be change on Photoshop.

I plan to takes portraits of my friends and peers preferably females, and edit them using Photoshop as if they were been edited  for a magazine, and then compare them to the original photographs.

The outcomes of this assignment will be a number of blog posts that show development and research, then either a physical or a digital photo book, with 12-18 photographs.


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This entry was posted on February 18, 2013 by in Creative Digital Practice.
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