Framing The World Through My Photographs

Assignment 1 – The responses I got from my peers when speaking to them about the effect on body confidence.

I wanted to find out from my peers what they thought about photo manipulation particularly on models and the effect on body confidence.

I asked:

” How do you feel when models get re-touched to look ‘PERFECT’, how does this make you feel about your own body confidence?”

The responses I got

Nicola – ( photographer) – ” From an aesthetic POV I expect to see adverts and fashion editorials that are airbrushed and perfect, polished and flawless thats sort of what photography is about.

From my own professional POV I love to airbrush and tweak my clients, they all know I do it and all book me because I do it.

From a personal view, it does;t bother me whether model or celebs are re-touched. I’m old enough to feel comfortable in my own skin and to accept that this just the way of the world.

I do understand that some younger girls can get mixed up with these messages, it’s up to the mothers to educate a healthy body image for there daughters!!!

Becky (Student , 18yrs old )- “Well at first it puts you down, you admire them because they all look amazing, and obviously no one can look like that but yet you still aspire or want to look like that. It encourages people with some experience on Photoshop to retouch their own images therefore this issues has filtered down to lower levels in society. Makes me feel pressurised to look at my body and see what I should change, but then obviously I can’t do it in a second like the Photoshop editors! However there is a certain feeling of rebellion against them and to be happy with what you’ve got since you know that it is so unrealistic.”

Siyana (Student)- “For magazines about beauty and fashion i think it’s okay. however for beauty ads and this kind of stuff where they’re trying to show the effect of a beauty product on the skin it’s absolutely not normal.”

Jade (student, 19 yrs old) – “Doesn’t bother me in the slightest, it doesnt make me feel any different to the way I look or should look, ive seen the consequences from wanting to look ‘thin’ or ‘perfect’ so I dont look too much into it. But from seeing someone aspire to be like that, its scary to see and a worry to how far some people will take it.”

Abbie (Student, 20 yrs old) –  “I think its really wrong, especially when celebritys trying to promote their latest dramatic weight loss or exercise dvd do it. definitely could be dangerous especially among young readers or those with low self esteem, as it promotes an image that is probably unachievable!”

My own response – “As I  have grown wise to how the photographic industry manipulate images to look aestheticaly pleasing. As a photographer my self I do manipulate my images in the way of editing the skin and removing blemishes, but I  wouldn’t make my models look slimmer.

I think sometimes editors get a bit to photoshop happy and make models bodies look unrealistic.

I would say the problem of body confidence of females when seeing these images is more present with younger girls as they haven’t been educated on what happens to a Photograph before it reaches the pages of a magazine or TV etc.”


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