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Assignment 2- Script

As previously Stated In a recent post, my peers thought I should re-do the audio of Nathan speaking. I wanted to think of some questions I could ask him, so I watched Step Up 3 which is a film based on street dance, as I knew of a few parts of the film which I could use and relate to music. In the film the main character Luke is making a film based on his friends who are dancers. He asks questions such as ‘ why do you love dance’ etc. Watching this film helped me to think of questions I could ask Nathan as music and dance isn’t that far removed from each other.

I sent a set of questions to Nathan and asked him to write at least 100 words for each question so that I would get a decent amount of audio to use for my video.


Why did you choose to study music?

 I chose to study music because once starting to learn piano i played more than anyone else i knew, so that must have meant i was a lot more interested in it. I played for about 4 hours a day, everyday so like anything with that much practice you excel quickly. At 16 I got really interested in music in general, not just piano. The theory really interested me, but my school wasn’t good for music, and it was my best subject. University was the next option then. I also wanted to be around people who understood music because at A level I was the only one in my class. I chose a composition course specifically because writing your own music seems a lot more musical than playing other peoples.

 How does it make you feel when you are playing?

 How I feel when playing depends on why I’m playing. When I play for competitions and performing infront of large groups I’m more nervous than anything, however I’ve learnt to get into the zone, which makes playing a lot easier. Playing in a group can be a lot more fun. Especially friends. There’s a lot more chemistry and “musical banter” like inside jokes while performing. Its harder in a way though because you have to play while listening to other people as well as yourself. Performing gives you an adrenaline rush which is why its addictive to people. When I play at home for just my self its a much more serene environment. I can play and make mistakes and not worry and try new things. Different styles bring across different emotions, so improvising is a great way to get your feeling across as you don’t have to find and learn a piece that suits your mood.

 What do you love about music?

 I love that no 2 pieces are the same. If you gave a brief to 100 people and got them to write music according to it, none of the pieces would be the same. Some may be better, but none would necessarily be wrong. I also enjoy how music is put to a video and can completely change the feel to the video. Most people have different views of what music is as well, for instance, most musicians that have studied music to a high level believe any sound is classed as music, including silence. Elderly people wouldnt class one direction as music. And some young people wouldnt class Bach as music. But its just the way the language evolves, and thats just western examples. Asian music sounds completely foreign to the ear if your not use to it. the same with african music. So i love the way peoples ears adapt to the music they hear the most, and in my opinion chart music and most popular songs in general are boring. They all sound similar and thats because they all use the same rules, and when studying music you come to see that popular music has all come from rules embedded by mozart and beethoven.

 When did you start playing piano?

 I first got interested when i was 12, i played a small keyboard my grandad got for his birthday. My cousin and i would play on it, and learn songs like chopsticks and nursery rhythmes. Before this i had no intention of playing piano. Id never sat down at one either and my family have no musical background. My parents eventually got me a small keyboard, and i would learn classical songs because i found them interesting. It got to the point where i ran out of keys on the keyboard, so we brought a full sized digital piano when i was 13 which i played non stop. In a year of playing i could play up to grade 7 and 8 pieces, but didnt do them justice. So i had piano lessons every week with a family friend and did my grade 5 piano and theory exams. Once i started properly playing piano i played for school assemblies, concerts, shows and competitions. Coming 1st in piano Rotary competition was a confidence boost as i wasn’t a confident person. This lead to me playing more, and i came 1st 4 years in a row in the rotary competition. The final one unkowingly being judged by my future head lecturer at coventry.

 How do you want to take music further after university ?

 I would love to teach music, and i have done music lessons for a while now and music workshops. Secondary school teacher would be an ideal age because there would be students that new they wanted to carry it on. However my main aim would be composer for screen. Adverts and films. I would love to take part in music for films because it puts you in charge of the feel of the film, and so many people will hear your music. Imagine if everyone around the world recognised your music. Being famous isn’t an aim of mine, and most people cant name film composers, but would recognise their music.

Unfortunately  the day before I was due to do the audio recording Nathan lost his voice, therefore I had to improvise and ask my flat mate Stuart if I record him for my video. I am glad that I had planned before and sent Nathan questions to think about and answer before hand, this way it was still all his thoughts only just not his voice.


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