Framing The World Through My Photographs

Assignment 2- Final Cut Of My Film

Below is the link to my video which I have put on youtube as unfortunatly when I tried to upload it to Vimeo my video would get cut in half.

I have decided to name my film ‘No two pieces are the same’. I decided to call it this as it was what Nathan had said in the audio, this one of two quote that stood out to me.


Above is a link to my finished film. I chose the subject of hobbies but I didn’t feel  I have and interesting enough hobbies to film. There for I chose to film a friends hobby, which in this case was playing music. I wasn’t quite sure what to research so I started by looking on Vimeo to see if anyone had done anything similar to what I was planning to do. I looked at the angles that they had used, by doing this I could plan my own video easier.

Over all I am happy with the outcome of my video as I have managed to combine the video clips with images and titles as well as separate audio. However there are things that I would do differently  if I were to go back and re film, when I was filming I got Nathan to just start playing whist I filmed whilst also recording separate audio on the edirol, but as i was filming I was doing it in the form of short clips, but when I went to edit my video together I found it hard to match up the visual of the piano playing to the audio. If filming again I would have got Nathan to break down the playing into sections so that i could match the visual to the audio.


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