Framing The World Through My Photographs

Assignment 1 – Conclusion

For my assignment one I chose to look at the ‘freedom of the press’ which I have chosen to link it to the text by Fred Ritchin ‘the pixelated press’. Ritchins text was the perfect link to my work as he speaks about if we can trust an image we see in the press, or not. Ritchin mentions the National Geographic cover of  the pyrimids, when one pyriamid was moved closer to the other so that it could fit onto a portrait cover. Is that right to do that? I believe that you should not edit something that is permanent whether it be a pyramid or a body as they are something that doesn’t change, however I would edit a blemish like a spot, as they are not permanent.

At first I set out to take portraits of my female peers and edit them to how I think they would be edited for the press. How ever when discussing this with m peers they thought I would be too subtle, there for I decided I would still take portraits of my peers, but then I would ask them whos body they like and would like to have in the media. I then used found imagery from the internet which is credited in my bibliography, to create some photomontages. I researched montage artists such as Hannah Höch, and Damien Blottiere, both create photomontages, looking at artists like this has helped me to understand photomontage further. I have also done a lot of research into the effect that media  has on body confidence. I came to the conclusion that the media effects everyone in someway however it effects some people more, females and especially pre teen and teenage girls more as they have not been fully educated in what happens to the images we see everyday in the media. Whist watch Gok Wans teens , the naked truth, he asked the question should body confidence be taught in school even if it is just and hour a year. I think been taught body confidence in school could tackle any problems with the body in later life.  I used to be effects by what I saw in the media, I didn’t like my body I wanted to have the bodies of the girls in the magazines. It wasn’t until I studies photography in college where I realized how accessible photoshop is and how quick editing photos are. Like ritchin said in his text lots of publishing companies have  expert computerized software that is quick to use, which makes I more accessible for the press to edit every  image.

When creating my photobook I didn’t want the cover to have images on it because I wanted a question that would get the  view thinking about themselves , I chose to use ‘who do you want to be’ as this fits in with the them of my photos.  At the end of my book I reflected back over the images with the thoughts of my peers and myself about the images that were crested with the body parts of the celebrities that we wanted, and when looking at the images would they still want this?.

Over all I am happy with the outcome of this project, Unfortunately I could not upload my book to blurb however I have managed to download it as a PDF which has been put on disc, the only trouble with the PDF is that you cant see the layout I had chose therefore I have taken screen shots from indesign to demonstrate what the layout would be if I had been able to upload it .


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