Framing The World Through My Photographs

Assignment 1 – Inside Text.

Inside my book I will need to have some text to give a short introduction into my project as I feel the meaning behind my images wouldn’t be obvious straight away.

I wanted to get my thoughts across with out overloading the page with text.

I started with another question, to again get the viewer thinking about who they want to be .

‘ If you could look like someone who would you be ?’

I will use the text below in my book.

I wanted to investigate how the medias influence on how we view our bodies and how we aspire to look, after being bombarded with seemingly ‘perfect’ images of women in the media.

I can understand why the media would Photoshop any blemishes a model may have like as spot as they aren’t permanent, but I disagree with how permanent features of the body such as a birth mark, skin,height or even shape are altered to fit the medias view of perfect.

I have photographed several of my female peers as well as myself and asked them who’s body they would ideally like to have. I then edited these pictures to represent what they would possibly look like. By doing this I can get an idea of the media’s image on people of my age group and the people that they idealise in terms of body shape.

i then wanted to find out the reactions from the people i have used when they saw their edited photos. I was interested to see if, after seeing what they wanted to look like, their views on their body had changed.


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