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Pinhole Camera

As part of the module 152MC I am required to make a working pin hole camera, which I will then put to use as part of task two.Like in a previous post I said that pin hole cameras can be made from most things such as gravy tins to shoe boxes. I choose to make mine out of a biscuit tin. Okay granted it wasn’t my first attempt, so hopefully this one works. (Pictures of the others will be included )

To make a pinhole camera


  • box/tin
  • black paper/card
  • black tape
  • needle
  • scissors
  • nail file


  • completely line the tin with the black paper as too cover the silver of the tin as this will bounce the light around in side
  • line the lid as well, taping it down securely.
  • With a small needle choose where the pinhole is to be placed. (place blue tac on the opposite side of the tin) position the pin and tap it until it goes through . the hole should be as small as possible.
  • File down the edge of the hole, this will create a sharper picture.
  • Have something in place to cover the holes to keep it light tight.

Jess' nokia lumia 920_20130422_001


Jess' nokia lumia 920_20130422_002


Jess' nokia lumia 920_20130422_003

Jess' nokia lumia 920_20130422_004


Previous pinhole (unsuccessful) 

Jess' nokia lumia 920_20130415_001

Jess' nokia lumia 920_20130415_008

Jess' nokia lumia 920_20130415_007

Jess' nokia lumia 920_20130415_006

Jess' nokia lumia 920_20130415_005

Jess' nokia lumia 920_20130415_004

Jess' nokia lumia 920_20130415_003

Jess' nokia lumia 920_20130415_002

This pinhole was unsuccessful as I forgot to paint/line the inside of the box, the cardboard of the pop tart box isn’t very thick so it is liable to let in a light leak.


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