Framing The World Through My Photographs

Studio Introduction

As there are various lights and fixtures in the studio, to be aloud to book the studio out in my own time. The Ellen Terry building has two studios ETG07 and ETG31.

To use ETG07 travel lighting kits will need to be booked out as it doesn’t have high lights.But it does have a large infinity cove which can be used for a background.Travel kits can be either 500W or 750 W

ETG31 is more your typical looking studio, with high lights. The high lights are the same as the ones in the travel kits but they are on moveable rigs so that they are easier to raise lower and move around the studio, with no trailing leads, that could potentially be tripped over. The lights are 1000W and 500W


Before using this audio the power will need to be switched on by the yellow and red switch on the wall, this will able me to use the studio lights, that main lights are controlled separately.

Images provided by Rebecca Woodall (until I gather my own )

2013-04-19 10.00.38

The lights

2013-04-19 09.51.39

On the back of the lights there are 4 switches the, power button (right) the power button has three markings the one line you would chose if you were plugged into the mains and the 2 lines is for when you are plugged into a cell (battery). Lamp (left) this switch will turn the lamp bulb on and off. Beep ( second in on the left) having this switched on can be helpful as when it beeps thats when you know you can take a photo with the flash again. Cell (second in from the right) have this switched on when you are plugged into a battery.

The sync socket is for when you have the pulsar connected to the light.

2013-04-19 09.52.58

The power switch controls the power of the flash and how strong it is. Every time you change the settings of both of these switches you will need to flash it off so that the previous energy can be released.

The lamp dial controls the modelling light.

All of the highlights come  with soft boxes already attached. Soft boxes create and even diffused light onto the subject. The sides of the soft boxes are black with the inside being an aluminium foil type material which acts as a reflector.The front is a white almost translucent material.

In travel kits you will be provided with on umbrella and one soft box.

2013-04-19 09.52.36

Umbrellas are another form of reflector that attaches to the light head. When the black and silver layer is attached the flash and modelling lamp faces away from the model. And when its just the white layer have the flash and lamp facing the model shooting through the umbrella.

To sync your camera to the lights  you will need to use two pulsars, one of which will connect to the hot shoe on your camera which needs to be set to transmit and the other attaches onto one of the lights ( which needs to be tied on securely )set to receive, and also they need to be set the same channel.

Other lighting fixtures can be booked out from the media loan shop, instead of a soft box, e.g. beauty dishes, snoot, honeycomb &coloured gels.


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