Framing The World Through My Photographs

Final letter to self


The first has past at uni , I think you have managed very well, a lot better than I thought you would. At the beginning of the first term you were very dependant on other people especially your family, okay so granted your dad still controls your money each week , but this is something I hope you plan to change next year. You have learnt to live on a small budget each week and plan ahead as to what you need for the week.

You have gained a good group of friends who have helped you to gain a lot more confidence you are far more out going than you used to be, as your tutor at college used to say ‘ you wouldn’t say boo to a goose’. Having Kerrie has been a massive help, as we have know each other almost 10 years now she understands what you struggle with, for example keeping up with note taking in lectures, she is happy to fill in the gaps. Although you have gained a lot more confidence outside of uni, you need to gain the confidence to answer questions in lecture, show your work and share your opinions with your peers.

Your grades may not have been not have been what you wanted but you have still passed. Your grades can change nest year if you get your self into gear and do the work as you go and not leave it until the last two weeks.Hopefully it will be easier once I have support provided for you by DSA, meeting with up with a tutor once every two will help you to put some study skills in place.

Next year I would like you to do more in your spare time and not just sit watching films with Gabi , go further a field to take photos, explore Coventry maybe even join a society.



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This entry was posted on April 30, 2013 by in Personal Professional Development.
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