Framing The World Through My Photographs

Indoor studio lighting.

Screen Shot 2013-05-05 at 14.24.36


First set up – One light with a soft box and a white reflector.

IMG_9575 lighting-diagram-1366720001


Then switch the white reflector for a black reflector how does it differ?

lighting-diagram-1366720042 IMG_9577


The white reflector helps reflect the light from the left side onto the right side of my face, where as the black reflector absorbs the light therefore there is more of a shadow on the right side of the face.

Set up 2 – Put the light at 90 degrees to the model, introduce a reflector, where did you put the reflector and how did it make a difference?

IMG_9583 lighting-diagram-1366720211


Third set up – put the light above the camera. for this set up we used a snoot instead of the soft box.

IMG_9586 lighting-diagram-1366720991


IMG_9593 lighting-diagram-1366723087


Using the snoot as the only light source on Matt created a dramatic shadow effect behind him ,

IMG_9613 lighting-diagram-1366724911


Using two lights with soft boxes on the background help to create a similar exposure on the background as on the face. two light metre readings were taken , one on the back and the other on Matts face.

IMG_9626 lighting-diagram-1366724970


Using a honeycomb on the light that is behind my head highlights the hair. Then using a soft box to light the face to the same exposure of the background.


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