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Mix Lighting – Ambient and flash light

Last friday I had a workshop on outdoor lighting using ambient and flash light, run by George, and two of the second year students.

The idea of the work shop was to get used to mixing ambient light with flash lighting and take light meter reading to get the correct exposures. Like the work of Reneke Dijkstra.

After being split off into small groups each group was given on flash light, a set of pulsars,light metre, a battery and either a a soft box or umbrella. Each member of the group were to take it in turns to be photographer, light assistant, model and light metre assistant.

As role of the photographer it was your task to visualise what type of shot you wanted to achieve (which I didn’t find easy ),you were to direct where you wanted the model to be , and where the flash should be.



This is the photograph I took using the flash light and the available light (ambient). As I was in and underpass the available light wasn’t great. The the furthest end of the under pass there was a lot of light. I wanted to be able to see the details of the steps, therefore I needed an ambient light meter reading of the sunlight, which were the setting I would put into my camera, I then brought in the use of the flash to light up Siyana to the same brightness as the back, I got a light meter reading on Siyanas face when the flash was released so I can determine the power of the flash.


Image taken by Bryony Johnson

The idea of this shot was to have the front model lit purely by the ambient light and the back model who was stood in the shade to be lit to the same exposure as the front model with the flash. Two meter reading was needed one on the from model reading the ambient light , but as the sun kept going in and out more than on reading was needed. the second reading was on the back model whilst the flash was released, like the first picture this was tell tell us the settings we needed the flash to be on i order to match the settings on the camera.


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