Framing The World Through My Photographs

Task 2 – Final images

As previously stated in one of my earlier posts I am going to take my exposure in the city centre around the fountain where the shopping centre is. My aim was to get four different exposures from the four different views of the four different areas.

On the day of photographing I went out a 6am it was a clear day however it wasn’t very bright therefore I was unsure of the exposure times therefore I decided i would take a few different exposure at different time to see what will develop best.

The outcomes I got from the shoot.

Jess' nokia lumia 920_20130520_015

This is one of the images taken closer to 7am where the sun had rinses higher therefore exposure times were a lot less.This exposure time was 8 seconds. The circular lines on the paper looks as though it could be a light leak however I am not so sure as there were no other light leaks in any other of the positions which makes me think that it could just be glare from the sun.

Jess' nokia lumia 920_20130520_016

This exposure was around 21-25 seconds as there wasn’t a lot of sun light because the trees had provided a lot of shade. The negative itself is very contrasting in the tones which mean it will achieve the look I wanted with out a higher filter.

Jess' nokia lumia 920_20130520_003

This negatives exposure time was 40 seconds as there wasn’t a lot of light. I am happy with the out come of this it would have been nice to have the image straighter on the paper however i think it adds to the character of a pinhole images .

Jess' nokia lumia 920_20130520_005

Like the first image on this post this negative has a lot of glare from the sun, which unfortunately distracts from other detail in the image.

Jess' nokia lumia 920_20130520_004

The exposure for this negative was around a minute as this was taken at the earliest  in the morning. The look of this image is very different to the others as it is more industrial looking because of the structure of the roof on the shopping centre, how ever this is what I wanted to achieve, to be able to see the different views of this particular area of the city centre.

Final images

These are my final print reversals, all of which were exposed for the same amount of time with the same filter so that they have the same tones. Each print was exposed for 22 seconds with a filter 4 on top.

Jess' nokia lumia 920_20130520_014

Jess' nokia lumia 920_20130520_012

Jess' nokia lumia 920_20130520_002

I am happy with my over all outcomes however it would have been good to have the fourth print to go along with it however I exposures weren’t good enough as there wasn’t much detail as the glare covered most of it.

Although two of the images have a nature element to them and the other one doesn’t I feel they still work together as they show the usually busy shopping areas devoid of human presence.


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