Framing The World Through My Photographs

Task 4 – Severn Trent River

Yesterday I was asked along with my peers to go to the Severn Trent Reservoir to follow the competition brief set by

I read to the t&c’s to see if there were any restrictions and what sort of photos they are after.these were:

  • Animals in their environment
  •  Animal portraits
  •  Plant life and vegetation
  •  Landscapes
  •  Waterscapes
  •  Photographs in either full colour or black and white, we are unable to make drastic changes.

Unfortunately  when I visited the centre the weather was awful, it was very dull and very wet. I’m sure that if the weather was nicer that I would have walked further round the lake to vary my shots more as I feel I got a lot of the same types of images.

After sticking it out in the rain for  a good amount of time  I had enough images that I was happy with so I retreated into the visitors centre cafe to edit through my images.

These were the four photos that I liked the most and that I will submit some of them to the competition as stated in the brief of task 4.

2013-05-13 23.56.00




I have made slight adjustments to all of these images so that they don’t look as dull and to highlight the key points.

If I were to go back to the same place on a better day for weather I would take a bigger zoom lens so that I could get closer to some of the wildlife with out spooking them.


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