Framing The World Through My Photographs

Task 3 – Brief & Response


Applying the knowledge gained in the workshops throughout the term. In task 3 you are required to interrogate representation through portraiture.

Taking into consideration location and lighting you are required to create a photographic portrait series to represent one person in five images.Two portraits and 3 objects. Your interpretation of the brief can be as broad as you like but the images need to cohesively fit together as a body of work.The work should let the viewer know more about that person.

You are required to submit 5 photographic prints to enhance your assessed task. Images should be put onto a disc and handed in along with the prints.

My Response

First I was to decide who I wanted to focus on. At first I though of Kerrie who is not only a classmate but I have known her for 10 years, however all of the things I relate Kerrie to is back home in Cheshire and I didn’t have the time or the money to travel back home. There fore I thought that I would focus on my flat mate who I have become very close to, Gabi.

I have had many thoughts on how I would like to approach the portraits, at first I thought of taking them in the studio as this is an environment I love and feel comfortable working in however when thinking about Gabi it isn’t an environment I would find her in as she is an english student. Therefore I would take the portraits out into a location.

As part of this task is to show my knowledge of using lighting I wanted part of this task to be done in the studio therefore I will take the shots of the item in the studio to show my knowledge of it .


Kate Sharpe

Kate Sharpe is a commercial/boudoir  based in the UK, she has experience in advertising photography.

Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 18.53.12

Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 18.53.47

Both of these images are perfectly exposed, although there is a shadow underneath the product it is not distracting. This is something I would like to achieve in my images.

My Images

The portraits

For the portraits I didn’t want them to appear too staged as I felt it wouldn’t give a true reflection on Gabi. I had a very clear idea of what the first portrait should be. Seeing as we spend most of our time in each others room watching films , I wanted most of the light to come from a laptop screen as usually there is not other light source.

At first I struggled to get the result i wanted as the results were too dark, there for I turned the main light on in the room which produced this effect.


Although you can see the light reflecting off of the computer screen onto the face the over all image is too bright. I then decided to use a flash gun which I was introduced to . I had to find a fine balance in how bright I would have the flash, so that I could still the detail in the image, but not to bright to take away the effect I was after.


This is my final image. I have cropped in slightly tighter to the face as I found the background quite distracting. Although the laptop isn’t seen how ever by the colour of the light on the face I think the view could tell what the light is from.

The second portrait I shot on an evening out. I hadn’t  taken extra lighting with me however I made use of the flood light in the grounds. Like most people Gabi became shy when she knew I was going to take a photo, there for I kept it relaxed not always saying when I was going to take a photo, granted it didn’t alway pay of for example:


This photo doesn’t work as Gabi isn’t making eye contact with the camera which I feel is quite important in a photo.

After going through the photos that I took that evening there was only one photo that I really liked and that I thought showed Gabis personality well.

gabi task 3 6x4-2

This photograph was taken fairly early in the evening so the lighting was still fairly bright. There is good eye contact with the camera which draws the viewer into her personality, however I do find the strand of hair over her eye to be distracting.

Product Shots.

I asked gabi to pick the objects as I wanted them to be personal to her, she picked her favourite book, a locket and a stone Buddha which she brought for the flat from Hong Kong.

Shooting the items

I would usually use the infinity curve however it was unavailable when I did my shoot therefore I used the large infinity curve in GT07 with the white laminate across the floor  to act as the base and the curve was the background . I used one light from the travel kits place as low to the ground as i could.


Although I askes Gabi to choose her own items , I asked her to bring her glasses as this I something that reminds me of her. I was struggling to get a good composition for the book, as the lights where above the book therefore I tilted the book with the glasses case. I am happy with this image as i think that the crop I have used works well. I wanted to make sure that the name of the book was on show however the glasses slightly block this, but the name can still be made out. The shadows from the glasses add more to the image as well as the colour of the glasses because with out them the rest of the colours are very wishy washy.


I am happy with the lighting as the background has been completely bleached out, which is what I wanted to achieve.


The fact that Gabi chose a locket with pictures of her family shows that they a important in her life. I wanted to keep the photos central to the photo and in focus where as the chain could be out of focus as its not an important part of the image. The only thing that I would change about this image is the orientation as the rest of the images are landscape and this is the only portrait one. Which didn’t dawn on me until I had had them printed which I am fairly disappointed about.


I decided to get my images printed 6×4 as I wanted them to be personal to the viewer. I also chose 6×4 as it was the best crop  for the image of the book and glasses. I considered which paper I wanted my prints to be printed on either gloss or lustre, I chose lustre as I feel it is of a more professional finish where as gloss is better for family photos (in my opinion).


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