Framing The World Through My Photographs

Task 5 – Review on 152mc

When given this module I was excited to start working in the studio again as that was something I began to love in my three years at college, however I was not so excited about the pin hole aspect of this module as I had covered this in my last two years at college and I really didn’t enjoy it. I found it to very time consuming an for someone who is quite impatient it didn’t go down well, this being said after the initial stress of not being able to produce a pinhole camera that would produce an image that I was happy with, I started to understand the pinhole camera, and start to know exposure times in different lighting situations, I still don’t know the exact science behind it this is some thing I would like to build on.

Working in the studio is something that I am confident in but I never really realised how continent I was on it, as my close peers would ask me questions on what to do to achieve a certain result and I was able to help them for them to get the results they wanted. I have learnt many new things in the studio in the way of different fixtures that can attach to the lights in the studio as the lights at college only had soft boxes.

I had never particually thought about using studio lights on location before which is something that I enjoyed doing, Whilst taking  part in the workshops on outdoor lighting and going to different locations around the uni it got my brain going in the way of thinking of shoots that I want to do at some point.

Overall I have enjoyed the module and have expanded on the knowledge I already had.


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This entry was posted on May 20, 2013 by in Working With Light.
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