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How To Use A Guy – film review

This film wasn’t shown at uni however I got it off of one of my friends who is part of the East Asian Film Society.

How to use a guy is  South Korean film by Director, Lee Wok-Suk, written by Lee Wok-Suk and Noh Hye-Young. I t was released in 2013 in Korea.


The film is about an assistant tv commercial director Chio Bo-Na. She gets given tasks from everything to anything at work. Due to the hours she puts into her work her apperance is always a complete mess.

Until one day when her company shoots a commercial on location at the beach.Famous actor Lee Seung-Jae (played by Oh Jung-Se) turns up for the filming, but he immediatly complains about the tall height of the women he is filming the commercial with. Because of this, the whole concept of the commercial has to be changed. Choi Bo-Na complains about Lee Seung-Jae’s attitude, which make Lee Seung-Jae dislike her even more than he already does.

After the filming of the commercial is complete, Choi Bo-Na finds herself alone on the beach after falling asleep, after the rest of the staff left her stranded. Walking alone on the beach at night, she comes upon a unique stall. This stall sells various instruction tapes. Whilst she is looking through the tape the persuasive seller of the stall appears and talks her into buying a set of $500 instruction tapes on how to use men with different acts of persuasion.After watching these video tapes Bo-Na starts to adopt the techniques which to her amazement starts to work.

For some reason the commercial was needed to be re shot. After things start to go her way, she finds out that the director and assistant director have been injured in a car accident and is unable to attend the shoot, whilst the rest of the crewe start to pack up, Bo-Na with her new found confidence speaks up an takes control an directs the commercial herself which turns out to be a success.

After her success Lee Seung-Jae starts being nicer and nicer to her and after a night out together getting very drunk they end up in bed together. Bo-Na finds her career taking off with her getting offers from different agencies, just as Seung-Jae’s career starts to decline he starts to get jealous of her paying attention to another star. Then Bo-Na gets a directing offer from another agency head, a former boyfriend of her who had treater her badly.

I personally didn’t like this film as I found it to be a bit of a ‘non mover’ and frankly a bit boring. The story never seemed to pick up and excite me.

I personally wouldn’t recommend this to a friend to watch.


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