Framing The World Through My Photographs

Mayors Charity Ball

On the 12th of April I was asked to photograph for Mayors charity ball in Sandbach , my hometown. After being asked I met up with the mayor Carolyn Lowe to discuss what she wanted from me. Carolyn expressed she didn’t want the typical event photography, but that she would like the photos to be of the guests being greeting by herself and her husband.

After knowing what she wanted I thought it was best to go to the venue with her to figure out where the best place was to take these photographs was. The space in the town hall wasn’t ideal as it was very tight. I t was decided that the landing before the doors into the hall would be as all the guests would have to walk past to get to their seats. Although the spacing still wasn’t ideal as where I was to photograph was at the top of a stair case, I made it work to the best of my abilities, by expressing it would be best to get drapes to hang on the walls as they will make the image more visually pleasing.

The one thing that concerned me as I was only asked three days before the event was that I didn’t have my flash unit, which would have helped me greatly for extra lighting as there wasn’t enough room to bring my lighting kit, therefore I had to make to with the lighting I had on my camera and the available lighting in the room.

After taking the initial greeting photos I was to edit the photos whilst the guests were having there dinner, so that the photos could be viewed and be brought buy the guests. The photographs were priced at £10 each in which all of the precedes  would go to charity.

After i had got all my orders I sent the photos to be printed from dscolour labs which provide a brill service and delivered the photographs to the mayor in the following two days.





Photographs like this were a bit of a squeeze as space really was tight to fit all of Carolyn’s (the mayor) family all into one photographed.

Yesterday I received a letter in the post from Carolyn.

mayor letter to me

Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 18.23.09

Photographing at the ball was wonderful experience to put onto my CV.


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