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Sandbach Fake Festival – 10th August

Sandbach Rugby Club played host to a ‘Fake Festival’ last Saturday. A fake festival is put together by a company dedicated to festivals for tribute acts, each festival usually consists of three headlining tribute acts as well as local bands o the area.

Sandbach Rugby Club played host to five local bands , The Current, Human Condition,Junker, Joker’s Hour & Blunder Benefit, with the headline acts, Red Hot Chilli Peppers *the really hot chilli peppers*, GreenDay *Green Date* & Queen *Flash*.

The festival started at 1pm with all local bands playing first each playing a 45 minute slot each. As well as bands the were plenty a food stall provided by local companies as well as inflatable games, which provided great entertainment for not only the younger generation but the older generation too.

Whilst taking to others throughout the event the general consensus was that the earlier music was slightly too heavy rock to suit the wider range of people that attended the event. Therefore I found that most of the public were out side, socialising and playing among friends. Nearing 7pm people were making there way into the marquee to find there spot to watch the main acts. First on were The Red Hot Chilli Peppers they were  a great crowd pleaser. Alastair (lead singer) involved the audience getting them to join in sing along and chant with them, he had a lot of energy jumping all over the stage bounding with energy. I found that most of the entertainment came from the beer fuelled crowd, dancing away without a care in the world.

With 15 minute intervals between the acts this gave the audience plenty of time to get some fresh air as it was very hot in the marquee, and to replenish their drinks before Green Dates set begun. I was dubious as to what Green Date would be like as Green Day are still a touring and I am a fan of Green Day. However I was pleasantly surprised. The lead singer Joe Sunday was a very good match the Green Days front man Billy Joe Armstrong, and did Green days songs justice.

I was particularly looking forward to the next headlining act “Flash” as they are a Queen tribute act, as I have been brought up listening to Queen and I consider them to be my favourite band of all time. In my eye no one can ever live up to Freddie Mercury however Scott the leads singer of the Flash had an uncanny resemblance to Freddie and an amazing voice to go along with it. I thoroughly enjoyed this set and was able to let my hair down.

Over all the Fake Fest was a success and the public seemed to enjoy themselves through the day. Though i didn’t think the festival would be my thing however i really enjoyed my self and would go to another Fake Fest should one be organised again locally.

Photograph by Ben Dean

Photograph by Ben Dean

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 14.16.53

Photography by Ben Dean


When writing this review I was asked to look a reviews written in the local media, to help me write my review, using the language they use. However I could only find one review online which I found to be very conversational and light hearted. Below is an example of the review I found written by Ben Dean.

“Fake Festivals bring the best tribute acts around to local venues as an alternative to the big corporate sponsored events happening all over the country this summer. The set up is professional and has the feel of one of the bigger festivals but is also altogether a fresh experience. The headliners in Sanbach were Flash, A tribute to Queen, Green Date and Really Hot Chilli Peppers, the names of which speak for themselves.


The bands are deliberately chosen to cover a wide age range as they aim to create a family atmosphere. Local bands are also invited to fill the support spaces before the professional tribute acts take to the stage, providing them with a great opportunity to bring their music to a larger audience.

Outside the marquee in a fenced off area is a festival village in miniature. There were the food stands offering a few different options as well as plenty of activities for all the family. A particular favourite was the Total Wipe out style swinging arm that kids out performed their parents on all day. Also present are the infamous festival portaloos but with the event all being contained to within one day, these weren’t an unpleasant experience.

I was unsure of what to expect from the tribute acts, especially with two of them paying homage to bands that were still touring but the songs were really reinvigorated, played by people who clearly love the music. First and foremost these guys are massive fans of the original material as Joe Sunday, lead singer of Green Date explained. “I just really love Green Day, dude”.

The bands do their bit to provide an experience of seeing the real thing, Joe in particular bearing an uncannyresemblance to the man he is paying tribute to, but he assures me this is “just make up and lighting tricks”. Alastair from Really Hot Chilli peppers jumps around with all the frenetic energy of the real thing. Scott of Flash has a natural resemblance to Freddie Mercury and an amazing voice to go with it.

With no albums to promote, the tributes put on crowd pleasing hit heavy sets. They are all clearly hard working and pay a lot of attention to their craft. All three of the bands tour all over the world so are all highly-professional set ups. This matches the festival organisers, which add up to a great show that was seemingly enjoyed by all present.

One group I spoke to were out celebrating a fortieth birthday. “We’ve been here all day. It’s been great. It’s something different isn’t it? We’re here to sing along with Freddie.” And sing along they did.

Ben Dean”




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