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Nantwich Food & Drink Festival

Nantwich Food & Drink Festival is held every year over one weekend in early September, this year it was held on the 5th,6th,7th. The festival holds many stalls run by local companies, such as ‘Pigs & CO.’, ‘The Farmers Wife’. This festival has drawn in tens of thousands of people over the past few years. In previous years the festival has been all based in on giant marquee down by the river, so that everything is in one place, However this year the festival was spread across the town of Nantwich, I understand why, the idea was that all of the shops would benefit from the extra visitors in the town, however I didn’t feel that this set up worked very well as it was so spread out that not only the visitors didn’t know where everything was organisers didn’t know where things were either, despite being given maps, I found them to be very unhelpful as all the information was so small and no street names were printed on the maps. Despite of this and of course the awful cheshire weather I would say the rest of the festival hit it off, the stall holders were all very cheerful and worked hard selling all of there products, and drawing people to their stalls with copious amount of tasters of cheeses, meats, chocolate and wine.

Though there was a lack of organisation and advertising all the visitors and myself seemed pleased with this years food and drink festival.

After the weekend was over I checked the Facebook page for the food festival to get a better idea of the publics thoughts on the weekend.

Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 16.21.21

Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 16.21.39





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