Framing The World Through My Photographs

Summer Homework- Task 1 – Portraits

Task 1
Building on this terms brief and in preparation for next terms classes you need to
make 2 portraits. You can interpret this as broad as you like, but there are 2
stipulations. One portrait must be of a person you know well and one portrait
must be of someone you do not know.
Consider how you will approach this brief. Have you approached each portrait
differently? What is important in the portrait and how are you going to represent
On your blog write a 300word reflection (not description) that discusses how
you approached making/creating the portraits. You can use, whatever medium
you choose to make these images (analogue or digital). You will need to present
and discuss your portraits to the group.

The first portrait I approached was the portrait of the person I didn’t know.  I decided I would use the opportunity of being at my older brothers graduation in Manchester, to get a portrait of someone that I didn’t know.  I found it to be very awkward to ask people if I could to take a picture. Due to me not biting the bullet and just asking people if I could take a photo, I ran out of time to get a big collection of portraits to choose from therefore I only ended up with 3 photos to choose and only one person. I photographed Steph who was one of my brothers friends.



DSC_0089These are the three images I took. Looking back at them now , I am fairly happy with the results, however if I were to go back and re do them I would have thought more about my placement, and where the sun was, as I hadn’t realised when I was taking them there was a slight shadow cast onto Stephs face. This is the photo I have decided to use.


Though I could have been more creative with how I decided to photographer her, I have captured her joyful energy as it was a very exciting day for her.

For the second portrait I had to take I found it a lot easier as it was of someone that I knew well, so I had the confidence to ask them if I could take photographs, however this time I didn’t know who too photograph. I decided I would do two different shoots, one of my closest friend Rach and another with my younger cousins who live down south in Harpenden.

Shoot With Rach.

Rach and myself decided to make the most out of the surroundings we have at home, therefore we decided we would go to Beeston Castle, which has spectacular views of the whole of Cheshire.

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 11.14.05

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 11.14.19

I decided to use digital as I would have more freedom to take as many photos as I wanted as I really didn’t know what to expect of the surrounding though I had done some research before hand, I also brought my external flash, incas there was the need for extra lighting as I couldn’t carry a whole lighting kit and the battery packs up to the top of Beeston. I am very glad that I brought it along as the day we chose to shoot was very dull and over cast, which created some dark shadow therefore I could use my external flash to fill in the dark shadows.




Below are some of my edits from this shoot:




The first two images in my eyes are the strongest as they show Rach’s character, as I had asked Rach to wear her favourite outfit, and the bottom image doesn’t show it. When editing them I upped the level as some of the contrast had been lost with the strength of the flash.

Shooting With My younger Cousins

I decided I would make use of a colour film I had to take the photos of my cousins. I decided I would take a relaxed approach and not necessarily  let them know when I am taking the photo so that the outcomes were more relaxed. When ever i’m at my cousins we always go out for walks, therefore it was perfect to get some photos of them relaxed and having fun. I was aware that I had a limited number of frames on my film so I had to think about what I was taking rather than getting snap happy.



I have two images that stand out from this shoot, that have captured my cousins how I see them when i think of them.




Though the bottom image of Ellen shows more emotion, and movement with the winds sweeping hair over her face, my eye is always drawn to the top image first, as the tones are brighter and I prefer the crop on the face.

This leaves me with choosing one photo from both of the shoots.



These are my final choice of photo from each shoot, but I can’t decide which one I want to use as my final as I like them both for different reasons.


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