Framing The World Through My Photographs

201 – professional practice

After my first 201mc module lecture I had to think what I would like to do during this module. I have a few options of what I could do:

  1. Set up as a freelance photographer.
  2. Take on a placement.
  3. Work with a number of different photographers.

I have decided that I will set my self up as a freelance photographer as I know that when I am older I would like my own business eventually so I want to use this module as an opportunity to experience what it is like to find my own work.


In order to start freelancing I will have to fill in a WP01 form which will need to be handed into Dimple at creative futures. If it is approved I will be sent a WPo2 for which I am to fill out and send back.

What is involved in this module?

Sessions (lectures)
Thursday 3 Oct 2013
Thursday 5 Dec 2013
Wednesday 8 Jan 2014

Thursday 27 March 2014



Assignment 1: 7 January 2014 – essay
Assignment 2: 14 May 2014 – video

13 14 15 May 2014


I will need at least 20 days of work experience. for each I will need to complete a risk assessment form.



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