Framing The World Through My Photographs

The beautiful people project – Jason Scott Tilley’s portraits from India between the yrs of 1999 and 2009

Bert Scott (grandpa)- born in Bangalore in 1915 –  James scott (great great great grandpa) living in India.

Bert Scott – studied photography in 1930

1936 – job in the Indian times. in Bombay, until the out brake of the war in 1939. His family worked in the salt business. photographs of Ghandi who did the salt march on Juhu beach, travelign between Delhi- Burma, volunteered to sign up for the war to photograph for the army intelligence marking enemy positions constantly collecting all of the personal and professional photographer.

1857 in india first war on independence “the indian mutiny”. the punjab was divided. Many mass murdered occurs and many people had to move out into a new country pakistan which was created around he divide. The Scott family left the house and all of there belongings apart from photographs and clothes taking a train south to Bombay , to Karachi  then the angelo indians where given options of where to live , Canada, Australia, and the UK, the scotts decided to go to the UK and settle in Coventry.

1999 – Bert Scot went back to Bangalore in 1999. Channel provided the Scotts with a camera and a few thousand pounds to create a short documentary.


Jason Tilleys work in more detail


Similar to Richard Billingham – raise a laugh .

Initaly when going to india he brought 60 rolls of film.

Edward sheriff Curtis –

August Sanders

Irvin Penn

Tilleys grandfather wanted to visit Juhu beach – “life lives out on the street in India”

Tilley went back in 2002.



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