Framing The World Through My Photographs

Creative Writing Excersice (in progress)

Create a short story or a prose poem titled ‘precious things’.(200-400 words ).

The story can be written as myself as I am today or a future me. I am also to create at least 3 photographs to go along side the short story or poem.


If my house was on fire at my present age, what would I take? My reactions, the smell, the heat.

If i had a young family, what/who would my first thoughts be. What if i couldn’t get to them.

As a  mother , Returning to my house seeing it was on fire knowing family maybe inside, ‘the what if’s.

final Idea 

Write as my present self.


I wake up to an overwhelming smell and unbearable heat. The slight glow of orange, appearing from the other side of my bedroom door. I’ve been in fire drills I know what I should be doing, leave everything behind I was told but can I really leave everything my family and I own behind? I can only take as much as my arms will carry. Time is running away from me and the panic sets in. I don’t want to leave all my memories’ behind; I grab as many family photo albums as I can. The albums hold all my childhood memories things I never want to forget, holidays, people and fun. Seeing and hearing my house turn to nothing, it’s difficult to think that there will be new fun memories in the future, with the old gone. Though it seems hard to see the future my camera will be key to creating and keeping the new memories. I leave the house and wait for the arrival of my family to the destruction.


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