Framing The World Through My Photographs

Site Specific – Final Video

After my first edit of my video after I had processed I had realised I had made a number of spelling mistakes, I was so upset with myself as my day was just getting worse after my Mac completely breaking on me therefore I was left with out my own mac to work on and had to borrow my peers, which I felt so bad about as I took her mac off of her for the whole day to create the new video.

Bellow is my final video cut:

Over all I am happy with my video and very glad that I have manage to complete this on time as I have had so much pressure this week after stupid accepting so many shifts at work and my Mac book broke, leading to a very un happy Jess. I would have liked to be able to gather more of my own images to use in this video however I was finding it difficult to find a wide range of different viewpoint of the cathedral ruins to use. Finding high enough quality of the ruins just after the raids proved to be very difficult as I expected the Herbert art gallery to have a lot more images than they did of the ruins just after the destruction, however out of 250 images there was only one to choose which only cost me 50p for a digital copy. I then went onto the motor museum as I knew that they had a blitz experience, and they had photographs of the destroyed cathedral. To get slightly higher quality images I used my SLR camera however I had issues with the lighting in the museum   as they had spotlights on each images so I had to try and block the spotlighting.

If I had had more time  I would have  like  to create more  photographic responses as well as explore many different options such as creating a video with possible survivors from the blitz. When I was first given this brief I was disappointed that the war memorial park wasn’t on there as Remembrance Sunday was in the time frame of this assignment as I would have like to go and ask people for portraits and record stories of what they recall. Over all I am happy with this assignment as I have a personal interest in history and in particular the war.


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