Framing The World Through My Photographs

#Picbod Week One -Introduction

Picbod is a 10 week open class, its not just open to Coventry university students, many remote students are expected to partake.


  • Nude vs Naked
  • Empowering your subjects
  • Negotiation
  • The tribe communities
  • The artifact and the artisan
  • The digital repli(cant)


Open class –

Requires a lot of active engagement on the online communities .

All assignment links on moodle however moodle will not be as active as other modules.

Google + –

This is where you can share and relevant information that you find with other participants, and any outcomes from weekly tasks.

Be involved on the online community, add other involved in Picbod , past students that have taken the course.

Twitter –

Tweet relevant links you find using #picbod. In any there are any breaks in lectures any photos taken tweet using #picbod #coffeebreak

The end result of picbod is entirely up to the class as a collective.

  • exhibition
  • publication
  • global
  • local
  • site-specific
  • Projection
  • All of the above ?

Each week we will be given tasks to do for the next class , these should be blogged and linked onto the picbod google community.The outcomes of the tasks should be printed off for the next class. Feedback is each week, the aim is to fill the magnetic board in the ellen terry building.

Technical workshops and guest speakers.

Final Assignment

  • Already on Moodle
  • Time to think about it
  • Alongside the weekly sketchbook tasks, you should produce a single, lens based exhibition-ready ‘photographic piece’
  • Themes contemplated in the lecture series should be addressed within your work. Same rigor applies to the final product.
  • Submission must ecist both as a singularly unique and finely crafted physical object, as well as being infinitely replicable and readily communicable in a digital form. The student should explore and develop aspects of their final piece that exploit the full gamut of opportunities available in both the physical and digital
  • Can just expand on a weekly task.

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