Framing The World Through My Photographs

Digital Media – Introduction


The module will include:

  • Investigating the variety and cultural effects of information technologies.
  • Exploration of networks: sound, image, video, information feeds and new sharing and collaborative forms.
  • Technology: the development of web technologies from 1995 to the present and beyond. The rise of the social network space.
  • Control: image interface, depth, surface, edge examining the illusionistic space of computing.
  • Audience, access, expectation and perception.
  • Digital media and its reliance and use of database technology and metadata.

Assignment 1 is the creation of an online artefact that will serve as a digital photographic portfolio, this will involve completing a number of tasks as well as conducting individual research.

Learning outcomes and marking criteria:

1. analyse the language of digital media by placing it within the wider context of
information cultures;
2. integrate and apply formal research methods and idea development;
3. demonstrate creativity and the ability to construct a narrative appropriate to the
production of a range of integrated new media forms;
4. demonstrate technical proficiency in the manipulation of internet based
information to produce a considered piece of networked digital media;
5. evidence their engagement with the creative-critical process through detailed
analysis, evaluation and reflection upon their own work and the work of others.

The learning outcomes understood:

ONE: blog about the reading and how it affects the world in wider context

TWO: will need to research how certain things should be done- for example researching how to get the website to look a certain way and go above and beyond

THREE: will be about the interface and the image sets

FOUR: referring to making the making of portfolio pages

FIVE: have a really strong blogging working method about the work completed in class and the response from different research and other posts you have seen

More details about Assignment 1

  • Will need to be asked to create three sets of 10 or more images in response to this module as well- place narrative in these photographs (work, rest, play
  • Want the interface that should also be a narrative
  • Will be using Dreamweaver at some point
  • Within research groups- should look and respond at their blogs, evidence those responses and collaborate/network with different people
  • Analytical, evaluative responses to lectures and other material- the lectures should inspire questions



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