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#picbod Representation – Dr Adrienne Evens

Before this module had even started we were asked to watch the video to ‘ Blurred Lines’ by Robin Thicke.

Read these lyrics : Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 19.19.35


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The first lecture of the module was taken by Dr Adrienne Evens. This lecture covered a few topics about representation of the body.

At the beginning of this lecture we were asked to watch the “180 second project” , the video questions the way celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Rihanna act.

‘Is Miley Cyrus an empowered women ? Or is she controlled by record label japetos’. I think as Miley Cyrus was so controlled when she was younger with her ‘alter ego’ Hannah Montana that when she was released from the role she rebelled against what she was used to, and went ‘wild’.

What is the body? Is it just a bag of bones? The body is constricted by social norms and social positions.

How is the body represented in visual culture?

  • Black women – Dark & sensual.
  • Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 20.40.12
  • White women , sweet yet still sensual.
  • Men – Strength.

Representation in advertising 

After watching the above v05 advert in pairs we were asked to identify the bodies that  are represented. Which were predominantly white, slim and fit and young. The disciplined in the advert are black the black people.

We were also asked to identify the contradiction in the advert. The catch line in the advert is ‘V05 break the mould’ however everyone in the advert using the products ends up looking exactly the same.

Theories Of Representation

What is it like to be looked at?  The Gaze.

  • Self aware
  • Causes us to feel uncomfortable
  • being recognised by others.

Objectification – ‘the act of representing an abstraction as a physical thing’

  • Is a process of turning people into an object for our own gain.
  • women as an instrument or object of pleasure – nothing more.
  • The camera is a tool for objectification

This is where the relevance of Thickes video Blurred Lines became obvious. Once again we were asked to read through the lyrics but this time we were asked to highlight the words we found offensive. I honestly didn’t have much to highlight as although there is a lot of controversy about the lyrics linking to rape culture, I couldn’t find much in the lyrics that suggest this, however I can see how some of the terminology used can be derogatory towards women . There are plenty of other songs in the music industry that objectify women and men in fact such as ‘ Call me maybe’ this objectify the male body the whole way this song.

Limits of representation

Sarah ‘ Saartjie’ Baartman

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 20.58.21

  • Freak show in england.
  • Experimented on in France
  • Died in 1852 , parts of her were displayed until 2002.

Gender (in)equality

  • Long history of gender oppression – only recently that women have been seen as ‘human’
  • Feminist movement – Challenged sexism , ‘everyday sexism movement’.

Constructs of privilege 

  • Bodies defined by range of binary differences’.
  • Intersectionality, bodies are more than gender and race.

Alternative bodies, alternative representation

Reshaping the bodies –

  • the body is malleable
  • can be enhanced surgery, diet, body building, makeup, piercings and tattoos.

Body modification-

Primitives – urban subcultures that form tribal affiliations.

Female body being used as decoration.

Orlan – Body beautiful –  Orlan is best known for her work with plastic surgery  in the early to mid-1990s, she has not limited her work to a particular medium. –

  • Is it her aim to change the idea of beauty?
  • Many operations- cosmetic surgery
  • Took it away from the idea of youth and beauty- it is constructed on the body not body beautiful.

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 21.02.10 Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 21.02.19




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