Framing The World Through My Photographs

20th January – Digital media lecture – Mash it up

Mash it up:Let the dataset change your mindset!

Mash ups – humans have been mashing things up throughout history – taking something from here and something from there to create a new thing, with greater impact than some of it parts. With out these mash ups we would have such things as jazz or dubstep, we wouldn’t have modern are or composite photography.

Shawn Clover – Historical mash ups-

Fuck suicide trip scene – the use of rotoscoping

API – Application programming interface. – Internet Mashups use the API (Application Programming Interface) of two or more programmes to create a new interface with different functionality. Hopefully that functionality is greater than the functionality of the individual APIs and the hybrid app then can deliver content in new and surprising ways.

Open source.

For year s creatives haven’t needed permission from proprietary software companies to make new interfaces – Most will give away their API for free and mash ups have come to be seen as the new frontier.

What has changed?

  • The amount of traffic
  • The size of the pipes
  • The speed of connectivity
  • Content=words,pictures,interactive elements – DATA
  • Presentation = design,layout,fonts,size(look and feel ) of content elements.



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