Framing The World Through My Photographs

#PICBOD Task 2 – The tribe

Task 2 for #picbod is called “The tribe”. For this task we need to photograph our “tribe” – the people who surround us, whom we usually spend our time with. We have to photograph them from the inside, the images should show intimacy.

  • Photographing people we surround ourselves with
  • Alex Soph (photo series, Niagra):
    • goes around America with a shopping list of certain people he wants to photograph – photo comes across as rather standoffish
  • The Tribe could be our family
  • Larry Sultan: photographs of parents
  • Things can get uncomfortable when working
  • Mike Brode:
    • community of Punk rock hobos
    • became his tribe
  • Elinor Carucci
    • Photographed her family and partner and herselfScreen Shot 2014-03-06 at 01.31.58
    • Focused in on intimate moments
    • Moments we could relate to
    • ‘within what someone is willing to five and share you can push or pull a little …’
    • How can she be a mother and a photographer?
    • Walk a fine line between being a part of the moments and being just an observer.
  • Do you photograph your friend or family member in a place you are comfortable or a place they are comfortable? Do we take them somewhere where they do not feel safe but more exposed.
  • Need to think about the role of performance
  • Will we create something that is a performance or a record.
  • Carucci admits that she will not recreate but ‘extend’ moments to photograph them, but says they are still incredibly genuine
  • Sally MannScreen Shot 2014-03-06 at 01.34.37
    • ‘sets up’ photographs
    • ‘What Remains’
    • Video
    • Never thought of leaving home to take photographs
    • Found home fascinating

Who are the members of my tribe?

Whilst at university I am away from my family, I consider my housemates  as my ‘uni family’. I am a lot closer to two of my housemates, Gabi and Becky as we spend most of our free time crashing  in front of the tv, we have the nickname the ‘lounge hoggers’. I have photographed Gabi and Becky whilst sitting/laying in front of the tv.

Images – whilst taking the images I didn’t want to be too intrusive, therefore I stayed sitting where I was and photographed from that angle as this way they were less aware of the camera. As a secondary image to go along with the photo i have taken of Gabi or Becky I will take one of their surroundings without them in it, especially as we all have our own spots on the sofas now.

Contact sheet :

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 22.07.19

I found it easier to photograph Gabi as I am very used to being around her totally relaxed as we very often fall asleep in each others beds. Bellow is my final image for the tribe. I have presented it as a diptych as the image on the right sets the scene to the relaxed nature of the photo of Gabi.

tribe photo finish


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