Framing The World Through My Photographs

#PICBOD – Nude vs Naked – Jennifer Pattison – Task

This week we had guest Lecturer/photographer Jennifer Pattison who has done collections of work based around nudes. I was particularly interested how she interacts with her subjects as she had never met some of them. How did she put them at ease?

Often Pattison would take longer so set the equipment up so it allows the model to relax. Allowing for a more comfortable picture.

Listening to Pattison has helped me think about how I may approach this weeks task when photographing someone else that I am not as comfortable with.

Building on the session workshops you should explore notions of Nude and Naked through your work. You should make at least one study of yourself and another of someone else. 

You will need to bring your experiences from task one and two to bear as you explore the dynamics of vulnerability vis a vis yourself, the subject and ultimately the viewer.
You should spend time observing the context for your subject. You should look for and
work with the different types of light, tone and colour, both in terms of your location context and the effects they have on your subject and the subsequent photographic artefact.

Consider Paul Wright’s words on life drawing :
“Look at the subject away from the camera – soak up your subject”, “look for the lines that 
denote weight and gesture”“consider echoes of movement in a gesture – the image can be messy and doesn’t have to be ‘picture-perfect’”.

I was very apprehensive over this weeks task as being nude and showing myself to others is completely out of my comforts zone, but then how often do we take our clothes off in front of people other than our loved ones. Part of me was interested to know how it feels to be photographed nude as I have done work shadowing with a photographer who does boudoir photography and the change in the women being photographed during the shoot is massive, confidence grows with how comfortable they feel .

I have always been interested in the female form and the shapes of the body in photo such as Man Rays, The emphasis made by the f-hole that are usually seen on a violin highlights the shape and the curves of the body.

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 01.00.06

How I want to the images of myself.

As I felt nervous about showing my body I originally researched photographers such as Bill Brandt as I was aware that he has done a series of nudes that weren’t as obvious that that was what they were, I liked the idea of being able to hide the fact that I was showing my body.

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 01.15.48

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 01.16.01

I had decided that I wanted to photograph on medium format film, as I had been given a few rolls of film free I would have been stupid not to use that. With the help of my friend Kerrie who I am totally comfortable around I planned on using the Mamiya RB67 in the studio. I went into the studio with the plan on photographing in a similar way to Brandt and focusing on a particular body part. however when starting to photograph I  started to feel more comfortable around Kerrie and the camera enough to try slightly more exposed images similar to man ray.


ME 1

ME 2

ME 3

Although feeling more comfortable I was still consciously covering the parts of my body I am most self conscious about. Like every women and men I am unhappy with certain parts of my body. I don’t think there is one day in my life where I have been happy with how I look.

In all of these photos there is still a sense of my dis comfort with body as I am not looking directly at the camera and the viewer.

I am overall please with the outcomes of this shoot but in terms of editing when looking at the photographs I still look at part and think I would change that, that and that, yet I have decided to leave these photos completely un edited.

Photographing someone else 

I don’t know whether I was more nervous about being photographed myself or photographing someone else nude. I chose one of my house mates to photograph as I thought I would feel more comfortable photographing someone I knew, however I felt it extremely awkward maybe this was because I knew her. As a result of my awkwardness I felt, I thought I rushed the rush and as a result I only got one photograph I liked. This is my outcome, I focuses again on shape of the body. What catches my eye in this image is that the line of the chin matches the line of the shoulder and the hip.



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